Oil change with Free tire rotation | Unleaded | Diesel|Snythetics

Oil Change Services

Oil change comes with new oil, new filter, and free tire rotation.We service both unleaded and diesel vehicles.   Choose from regular , high  milage, and synthetics oil.


Santa clarita auto repair offers you  all oil types to choose from to best fit your vehicle according to OEM specs.

Synthetic  Oil Service

mobile 1 oil changeWhen your engine deserves the very best, trust synthetic oil. Synthetic oil will  prolong your engine life, make it perform better at all temperatures and requires less frequent oil changes.Resulting in you saving a good amount.


High Milage oil change service

Your engine needs a little extra attention once it passes 75,000 miles. High-mileage oil contains special additives tailored to address the needs of older engines, which often are more prone to general wear-and-tear.


Looking for high quality but at a value price? Conventional oil is a compelling option to synthetic. Take a look at these top brands.


Choose oils that go the distance. Our top brands of diesel oil provide superior performance for engines operating under the most severe conditions.